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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 21, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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>> they don't think ahead of time. >> not such a stretch there. i think we put them on notice. 51% said you are not aware of any obama policy that benefited the primarily americans. ken require watched "star wars" over the weekend and dlierted over the previews. we now have a preview of what the next phase of the presidential fight looks like. hillary clinton is ready to discard her tired truffle. she is too big to share the stage with martin and sanders. she's ready to go after donald trump. she painted the republican
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frontrunner as the latest in the jihadist recruitment manual. >> he has become isis' recruiter. they are showing videos of donald trump to recruit new jihadists. kennedy: she claimed isis is presently using videos much donald trump as a recruitment tool. if you are going to make claims you better have a better source. >> it's just another hillary lie. she lies like everything with everything. she is a liar and everybody knows that. kennedy: last week trump said she was sleepy, this week she is a liar.
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and donald is laishing the condemnation he will present to the public as a giant cake. some worry he won't be able to effectively going after her without looking like he's billing a woman. but he's treating her like any other candidate. clinton's camp had to walk back the video of remark. >> he's being use bid isis as propaganda. kennedy: of course trump is all over twitter dear manning an he polly and he's setting the tone for the next phase of battle. this round goes to him. but in this clash of the titans do i have the stamina as they battle to the death? presidential kfd lindsey graham
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is dropping out of the race. who's next? steve harvey awards the miss universe drownt wrong woman and he's walk it back. i'm kennedy. today hillary clinton's spokesman brian fallon responded to donald trump's remand for an apology saying hell no, hillary clinton won't be apologizing. is this what a general election would be like? will ron is here, the daily beast washington bureau chief. and katie pavlich and also a fox
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news contributor. '. let's say mean things about people. is this a preview of the death match? >> between donald trump and hillary clinton? if it gets that far. i don't know that's pundit hospital think donald trump will make it to the general. but for an early exchange this was fiery. hillary clinton took something that's a liberal article of faith after san bernardino. we heard about what isis wants after that and it didn't line up with a lot of republican rhetoric. she took that from her own speculation and it into the realm of fact and it's easy to call out. kennedy: she lost this rounds. i imagine today there is a bit after scramble trying to figure out if this writes they are going. if they are look together
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general election, do they do to bring him down a peg? >> hillary is beating donald trump if he were to make it to a national election. but on this issue it's about time donald trump started take on hillary in this way. he's been take on republicans in a harsh way. i thought jennifer polliery was trying to take a breath there. why would you bring up the video when the benghazi video issue brings us back to that. it brings up a whole other set of complication for her campaign because she decided to bring up this specific topic. kennedy: i think's way too close to hillary clinton. but maybe it proves's willing to get bloody? >> i think this will be a fight to the death. but a slow one. we have a long time to go.
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i think because trump is realizing he's doing so well, even though she is leading in national polls, he wants to opinion it now and he's going fight back if she attacks him. i think when she was on that debate stage she was feeling good. no one attacks her on the stage. kennedy: all she has on stage is a pair of straw men left. martin o'malley did bring up the age issue. hillary clinton drawing criticism about her comments about isis. >> we now finally are where we need to be. we have a extra jane commitment to go after isis which is a danger to us as well as the region.
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kennedy: we do? we have a strategy? someone should tell the president. >> she should stop yelling and waving her hands you have and down. we are not where we need to be with isis. one thing that hillary doesn't acknowledge is isis is not just a problem overseas, but they are a problem of the united states. the f.b.i. confirmed they are investigating lot of cases across the country. i'm not exact chicago sure what she means by that. the resolution they had which means. >> look out isis. the u.n. has written a meaningless document. one of the things katie brings up is she is basically giving the president a pat on the back for his strategy. is she foolish to tether her
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presidential hope to the his anvil? >> i think her main goal in situation she said was to quell the fears america is feeling. we know people's fever terrorism is the highist's been since 9/11. i think she is going after it like i can help you. i can the candidate you need to get this done. because i think it's so, it's so. she doesn't seem like the most adept strategist when it comes to the middle east. >> it's tricky canvas to paint on. >> at least she has a lot of experience in the region. but you learn from your mistakes is what hillary should be trying to say. it is curious that she decided to wed herself oh closely to the president's foreign policy which is not getting good marks across the board right now. but to joanne's point, if she is trying to calm people's fears,
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that i can applaud her for. people are more worried about terrorism now than they were since 9/11. i feel like i have heard that 1,000 times continues 9/11. on the republican side you have a lot of bellicose rhetoric. we are going to carpet bomb them, make the sand glow. this rice markable to me. these are people competing to be the fifth consecutive president in a row who reconvened in iraq to fix what the previous president did. if you say it's going to be different, the burden of proof has to be on you to say why. kennedy: donald trump continues his strange love aware with vladimir putin.
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when we return, the campaign of behindsy graham is no more.
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kennedy: hello there, friends. glad you made my show part of your monday night. lyndsey graham dropped out of the presidential race. >> i'm us spending my race for
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president. i want to thank everyone who supported me. kennedy: so i start with you. you mourn of irony. isn't that misleading in the? >> doesn't everyone say that? it's sad, it's all over, it's done. by has grown on me the last few months. i live in new york city, i'm concerned about terrorism. even when he's talking about thing like the minimum wage. it would always come up. all after sudden we are bombing. >> the country. i'm glad we won't get that anymore.
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by i know i will be dmiemg and i was sorry to not hear his ideas. >> he was never going to be president, he knew that. he probably wanted to be the king maker in south carolina. turns out south carolinians not that hot on lindsey graham becoming president. the big change that needs to happen. no more under card debates. the idea of two men fighting over the oil subsidy i can't handle that. >> i'm glad he's gone. he should have never gotten into the race. he says thank you to all of you
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who supported me. during a lot of the debates i thought he was going to start crying. but he was disgusting. it's type for hip to be done, go back to the senate and hang out with john mccain. kennedy: who is next? >> hopefully jeb bush. jeb bush said he hated being the frontrunner. he loves being in fifth place. he's clearly a man who should never be president and doesn't want to be president. am i wrong? >> there were no other candidate in the race and nobody was paying attention except for donors. jeb bush had it for a minute. it's so sad at this point. it's like the great athlete who got all the girz and now he's 28 and he has the pot belly and he's not doing so hot saying i'm
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so much happier now. kennedy: the ol old glory days d we'll help you relive them. run for your life. i'm so happy i hope that trends. so much for for the party and. what would you do if you were crowned miss universe and steve harvey snatched your crown back? that situation and so much worse. vladimir putin is showering donald trump in praise and trump is responding in kind. has the world gone mad? yes.
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keep * lovely to be with you this evening. last week russian president and hitless wonder vladimir poutine praised donald trump. donald trump continued this weekend to defend vlad even against well documented claims that the russian leader ordered the killing of journalists in his country. >> obama doesn't get along with putin. putin can't stand our president. if he did kill journalists that's terrible. he's all denied it. kennedy: that's fine. if he didn't shoot the reporters himself, all good.
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kt macfarland is fox news' national security analyst. moral equivalent always drives me crazy. we killed some people. killing journalists, kind of can't do that. however, trump embracing putin. is there some benefit to that? >> yes. here's why. i look at how did president reagan win the cold war? they focused on what was the number one most important enemy to defeat? russia. you have to do a lot of things to defeat that. "a" you don't want to get distracted. and sometimes you have to hold your nose and deal with allies you don't have a lot in common with and may not like. and stal stalin, mass murderer s
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our ally. kennedy: we fault the obama administration for want to go hit the reset button. but it seems like he administration wants to do that. they want to be the one to do that. and george w. bush looked into his eyes and saw his soul. and trump is together same thing. >> we got along swoaftent union after henry kissinger negotiated a deal with them. there are ways to do this without capitulating and surrendering their position. kennedy: i think that trump and putin have a mutual understanding. >> and a mutual enemy.
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radical jihad is coming get europe and the united states. we can dismiss it and say how silly and ambitious. but they feel they have been selected and selected by the almighty, by allah to defeat western civilization and bring on the end times. if there is any min out there we can put that aside and work together to defeat radical islam, you have got to do it before they get weapons of mass destruction. once they get them they will use them. kennedy: the president in a recent interview acknowledged his administration's poor communication and blamed blames it on blanket media coverage. >> if you have been watching television for the last month, all you have been seeing, all you have been hearing about is these guys with masks or black
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flags who were potentially coming to get you. kennedy: coming get ya. he add, the media is pursuing ratings. i say this president is pursuing ratings, trying to preserve his legacy. he has done a bad job outlining the strategy in the face of paris and san bernardino. >> i think he's leaving people more upset. don't you understand we are nervous about this? you are continuing to tell us it's a p.r. issue. social media, isis is good at social media, not much else. isis is contained. every time he says something like that, isis attacks again. when the president took to the oval office to reassure the american people he made it much worse.
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if he doesn't understand the problem we understand, now we are really in trouble. kennedy: we may have disagreements about how best to handle and strategize against isis. but attacking the media is so low for him and it shows he's terribly insecure. whenever the media doesn't agree with something he's doing, it's automatically their fault. he barely takes responsibility for it. it's so children tonian, blaming the media again. >> i have seen presidents up close. i worked in three administrations. there is the kind of president who says i don't care what the polls are, i'm going do whatever i want. and that's barack obama and to an tent that was george w. bush as well. maybe he is in the end but a lot of people are going to get killed between now and then.
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kennedy: being so confident in that regard is not the same thing as being a competent leader. he will continue to blame whoever he can without taking responsibility. kt macfarland thank you so much. coming up. witness the horror of a crowd when the projector cut out on this weekend's big movie. the new benefit of skype, showing your parents live footage of you jumping out of an airplane. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line.
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what's in your wallet?
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kennedy: when your christmas tree is going bald and our stocking is full of coal, come to me. this is the "topical storm." ted cruz launched a new presidential ad utilizing a
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thing he read about on wikipedia called humor. take a gander. >> a proven record presence a collection of timeless christmas classics red by ted cruz. the favorite how obamacare stole christmas and rudolf the under employed reindeer. oil the other reindeer couldn't afford to hire rudolf. if you act now we'll send you the new christmas story soon to be a classic. the senator who saved christmas. kennedy: that's a laugh rye off the by republican senator can ders. remember his audition? you are almost there, ted.
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lork it up. son. topic number two. i'm going to show you have a video and i want to you guess what it is. what could have caused this panic. [no! no! no!] is it a berniey sanders rally. or fans of highly i views finding out she wouldn't be performing. or a broken projector of "star wars" in hollywood. there was fans moan yum, anxious and tears -- there was pandemonium, angst and tears.
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remember "full house"? it was a 90s sitcom. they are rebooting it. ♪ i know they say you can't go home again ♪ ♪ had to come back one last time ♪ ♪ i know you have don't know me ♪ >> gosh it feels good to be back. kennedy: that's heart warming. but watch what happens west's recut as a horror film.
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music changes everything. topic number 4. will farrell and larry david. tina fay and amy poehler provides two of the great roles from presidential politics past. it's too hillaries for the price of one. >> hold on hillary, even if you beat bernie, aren't you worried about the republicans? who is their frontrunner. >> i will tell you but only if you grab on to something to brace yourself.
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because you will hit the floor. you have need to hold on to something. i'm warning you. he just tell me. >> donald trump. >> oh! >> i told you. oh, my god, we are going to be president. kennedy: now we need a little sarah-cuda. >> i lands in the bedroom of a lesbian couple. >> we are not lesbians, we are hillary clintons. >> you ran for president together. i heard after you have lost you have had to become a secretary. that was a fun election. i was paired up with that cute little john mccain fella, may he rest in peace i'm guessing. kennedy: topic number 5 you always have time to talk to
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your parents, and this guy proved it base managed to slip in a little skype with mom and dad while skydiving. >> i can't hear a word he's saying. no! [bleep] >> hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, kennedy: regular viewers know i enjoy splietion in as much footage as i can from "topical storm" from jaws and that iconic scene where they go skydiving. you on of a ... roy, glad you can be part one of our last
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"topical storms" of the season. go ahead and tweet me @kennedynation. also finds me on instagram. i'll be taking pictures of my buzz. coming up i'll talk to the professional pranksters about the things you can do to friends without getting arrested again. but first my panel returns to discuss that embarrassing moment when you accidents alley crown the wrong miss universe and then you have to walk it back after three minutes. steve harvey really stepped in steve harvey. sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me. with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do release its own insulin. trulicity responds when my blood sugar rises.
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kennedy: hello, you. over the weekend safe harvey had the honor of crowing miss universe twice. one to coronate miss colombia,
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then after he realized he made his mistake. three painful minutes later he had to give the crown to miss philippines. watch the glamorous train wreck. >> colombia. i have to apologizethe first ru. miss universe 2015. yeah, never piss off the clommans. to make matters worse he misspelled the both of countries on twitter. he said i want to apologize emphatically to miss philippians and miss columbia like the university. our party and is back.
8:41 pm
this is so on the couch, it was awful and amazing all at the same time. he first runner-up secretly hopes this will happen to them. like the other girl gets crowned, oh, no, it's a mistake. it's really you. but nobody wants that to be your crowning moment. philippines didn't have that moment to have her walk. now there are booze and confusion. i don't know what happened. i think steve harvey is being honest that he didn't mean to do it. but there is some rumors about teleprompters saying colombia won and the card saying philippines. kennedy: i believe that they did this because, if we embarrass them, who cares.
8:42 pm
there will be another 75 contestants next year. >> i was a judge in the miss teen usa. i meant to give a girl an 8.8, and because of that she didn't get the crown. her mom cornered me and said why did you get my daughter such a low score for the question. >> i'm glad you can joke about that girl's trauma. >> she is probably watching right now. dear media matters. like coke versus pepsi. >> they are both getting a lot of attention. but the worst moment of the whole night is when they are both anding there and they awkwardly take the crown off the head of miss colombia. they put it on the other girl's
8:43 pm
head and the show end and no one knows what happened, and miss colombia is crying. kennedy: that was the highlight of her life. this an international audience and then it' gone in a second. the good news is she won the genetic lottery. she'll be with victoria's secret or whatever. a school voted to provide handguns to teachers. i think schools would be safe if they weren't labeled gun-free zones. and i think if you had responsible teachers carrying weapons you could make schools safer. but are schools morally obligated to arm their teachers? >> if i was an anti-control
8:44 pm
activist, i would be talking about the statistics and warning about overreaction. the flip side to the gun debate saying we would be safe for everyone was and all the time. i'm from new york city, that scares me. i don't like that idea. i was not the best student at certain times in my life. the idea of teachers with guns make me nervous. kennedy: good teachers with guns. >> we have a different perspective on where we come from. there are places in texas and utah where they have been arming their teachers for decade and they haven't had any incidences. it's important that it goes case by case. i don't think it should be forced on anyone. they should have the choice. kennedy: what if the teachers are irresponsible and lazy. >> they hopefully don't get
8:45 pm
tenure and don't work at the school. >> getting the option of putting your name in to have a gun is the right thing to do. if you were to arm every teacher, there are some who would not want to because they already have so much to do, that would add stress to their lives. but other teachers would feel safer knowing they are armed. >> there are so many teachers who are made of hem'-flavored granola. they love their unions and hate the system, they hate the man. >> they want someone else to take care of their problem. kennedy: thank you so much. all the winter festivity you have celebrate. i saw the new "star wars" and i loved it.
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>> we are at the sporting goods company working the floor. if you refuse to do or say anything, you lose. >> take the ball from her, just steal it from her. >> i feel like a prostitute. kennedy: it's a two-way joke. it's on "true tv."
8:50 pm
the show is returning for it fifth season in february. i'm joined by two of the hosts. oh did you guys used to watch punk when you were kids and did you think to yourselves, we dock this better? >> i think we were tools for punk. kennedy: you look like young people. with the scrubbed skin. >> i don't ex foal mediator. -- i don't exfoliate. what was missing from practical joke shows you looked at. >> we wanted to create a show that show cased our brand of comedy.
8:51 pm
we are a comedy show called the tenderloins. we have been friends for 20 years since high school. we have been messing with each other and playing jokes. we wanted to take a prank show where the joke is on us. kennedy: that's the most satisfying part. people like watching "saturday night live." the writer would insert jokes right before he went on. >> it's actually part of the reason like when we made the show. if we don't want to do it, let's say no. our show is built around surprise. you go out in the field literally not knowing. kennedy: did they plan stuff ahead of time? >> yes.
8:52 pm
>> make out with that old lady. >> you married his sister. >> i did. i married sal's sister for a joke. he stopped him before the honeymoon night. i watched to make sure they didn't finish. kennedy: that's so gross. my god. i was mad about that. it knowledge be pretty elaborate it can go for months, the planning. kennedy: what you have said no to that we haven't seen. >> if you say no a lot in the show you have get punished and that's where we really shine. >> i know people jump out of a plane for sport. that was terrific.
8:53 pm
kennedy: you could give someone a heart attack. >> the guy on my back had a heart attack. >> do you have think there was some kinds of school? >> i didn't know testify was legit. kennedy: what do you credit the phenomenal success of the show to? >> i think it's relatable. that's what we hear the most. me and my friend do the same type of thing. what's so special about you? kennedy: the more you are insulted the more successful you are. >> how did you finds out how to make money. kennedy: my friends are so much funnier than yours. >> we have a large female fan base. kennedy: a lot of feef mails or
8:54 pm
corpulent women. >> we seem very gettable. we are not like brad pitt. you could score if you wanted to. kennedy: that's a surprise because you look virginal. >> are you coming on our cruise? kennedy: when's the cruise? it's done. i'll get my bikini. after this i will defend the glory of the new "star wars" with my last breath. some unexpected haters throwing shame and i will take them to task in a few of minutes.
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kennedy: let's take this baby out of the bath and tonight jammies and put it to bed. i found out a few things after
8:58 pm
watching "star wars" "the force awakens." i had tears streaming down my face. i cried throughout l. entire movie. i need a support group. and i realized how god awful the free quells were. i almost felt bad for george lucas for a second. then i remembers they went to usc. then i took to twitter and proclaimed, i'm going have another child just so i can name him or her jj abram. i love the movie and i don't care who knows it. i think abrams as done an extraordinary service to fans. he allowed the story to further evolved.
8:59 pm
that's worthy of having a baby kreef 8ed and named after you. what surprised me most was the reaction on twitter. people so disgusted. abrams had given hillary clinton a million dollars. i don't demand if ideological compatibility from people i idolize. but i do need folks to be a little less little. now taking a stand and protest something one's politics because they don't fit yours is as guilty as the "star wars" haters reaching for ways to tear down a great film. it's popular, it's good. get on it. in the meantime me and baby jj will be looking for more tickets so we can awaken the force over and over again. look at that.
9:00 pm
you can follow me on twitter @kennedynation. and >> he was the man who had everything... >> this has about 750 to 800 horsepower. >> ...but never enough of these. >> he told me he was bringing in about one tank a week. >> i imagine a small country could win a war with these. >> yeah, i hear that a lot. >> my dad started a tradition of getting an old, beat-up car, and then he would crush it with a tank in the field out here. >> his death puts his heirs on a mission. >> is this what your dad would want? >> you push up on that. >> start. [ engine turns over ] >> just like that, she comes to life. >> and talk about sticker-shock and awe. >> was the auction a nail-biter? >> you bet it was. >> $300,000. $350,000. sold. ♪


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